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Comedy the story of six students at Kirin Art High School who work to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. 1 news article. IТm surprisingly liking dream high 2! Maybe not as much as Dream High as of now but I do hope the story gets better and goes a different direction from the first. Korean movie reviews from 2007 Includes tickets sold in 2008. Source: Korean Film Council. Seoul population: 10.42 million.

I hereby declare that was the most beautiful love scene on television EVER! He is absolutely beatiful all over the place: inside, outside, sideways, backwards Happy that sam-dong is K, but a part of me wanted it to be jingook. really liked samdong but itТs a little saddening that sam-dong gets both the girl and the title. Dream High Information, Dream High Reviews, Synonyms: . Dream High Special Concert (Korean Special) . Schools in Korean Dramas and Films; Dream High-Kim Soo-Hyun.jpg Ј DreamHigh-Bae Suji.jpg loise Apr 17 2016 9: 46 pm dream high season 1. please add some more episodes. i dont like their. Of each other. See more about Dream High, Kdrama and Korean Dramas. A drama, the movie which oneself saw korean Sinopsis Drama Dream High Season 1 - ly/1TMsHyE. 4 Things Dreamhigh #taecyeon& suzy. Korean. The Best Selling Films of 2002; Korean Films Nationwide Seoul Release Date Weeks; 1: Marrying the Mafia: 5,021,001: 1,604,219: Sep 13: 10: 2: The Way Home: 4,091,000. John Koster Sep 04 2012 1:00 pm This was an extremel;y good and important movie and the three principal actors were all superb. The ending was extremely touching.

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